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We Feed You Like Family



In South Quarters, we feed our guests like we feed our family.  Every dish is made from scratch with recipe’s from Ms. Lola’s Kitchen and Pitmaster Freddie’s Smoker.  Our goal is to transcend our indifferences and take you “home” with succulent and savory food that will leave your palate hypnotized!  We’re certain to give Southern Hospitality, so wipe your feet and come on in!  “When you come to the Dip, we’ll make you happy!”


South Quarters is the neighborhood in which my mother was born and where my parents raised their five children.  Our yard was always filled with children playing pick-up ball in the backyard and football in the front.  As long as we were home by the time the street light came on, we were free to move freely and explore half of Jasper, Texas.  We had plenty of friends and a multitude of aunts, uncles, and cousins…my parents fed everyone that visited our home.  My mother had an open door policy…she refused to turn away any child that wanted to eat or needed a home away from home. 


Whether it was my dad’s BBQ Brisket, chicken, and hotlinks at the picnic table in the backyard, or my mom’s fried catfish, potato salad, and fried hushpuppies on Friday Nights, there was always a gathering at my parents house–Mostly for the friendships and family visits, but always for the amazing dishes my mother whipped up.  Til this day, I ponder how my mom fed five kids on a budgeted income and fed everyone that wanted a plate.  We never ran out of delicious homecooked food–I can recall picking purple hull peas in the morning with my mother and then going to my grandmother’s house and shucking them for what seemed like hours.  In the same days we’d pick pecans from the courthouse grounds, and blackberries from the side of the road in South Quarters.  Ms. Lola would make pecan pies and berry cobblers from the bags of nuts and berries we’d bring home.  Always resourceful and willing to teach her methods in the kitchen, she was quite the baker in addition to being a great cook.   We fought just to lick the spoon and finish the cake batter from the bowl.


Although I left South Quarters in Jasper, Texas, long ago, I’ve always had the essence of South Quarters in me.  I wasn’t the best at going home consistently so I would call my mother and ask her for her recipes…”Momma, how do you make your dumplings?  How do you make your peach cobbler?”  She would tell me to get a pen and pad, and I would commence to writing everything she told me.  Over the years I would go on to host many BBQs and Sunday Dinners for friends at different military bases I was stationed at.  Whenever I went home on leave my mother would cook four meals a day…breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner.  I’d often gain ten pounds when I visited my mother in South Quarters.  Every meal was hearty, savory, and made with love.


In summary, South Quarters is the epitome of opening our doors and sharing our savory food with our guests that we treat like family.  Don’t be surprised when you hear, “Come on in…what can we getchya?”  We feed you like family, and our desire is to take you to the South with every taste of those delicious eats from Ms. Lola’s kitchen.  For the many kids that were born and raised in South Quarters–we affectionately call it “The Dip”.   On behalf of South Quarters the establishment, my parents, and my old neighborhood, I declare, “Come get a taste of The Dip, we’ll make you happy!”


South Quarters Owner Corey Simmons

Chef Corey is committed to providing great service with a smile to his patrons and community.  He left his hometown of Jasper, TX and joined the United States Air Force at 18 years old.  As a career AF Services airman, Corey specialized in Food, Fitness, Lodging, and occasionally Mortuary Affairs.  His passion for people and food essentially led him to get professionally certified in a variety of platforms for fitness training and cooking.  In 2008, He catered his first wedding reception for 75 guests, and received rave reviews on his smoked brisket and orange glazed, smoked cornish hens.  In addition to being an active duty Air Force member, Corey catered, taught group fitness classes, and trained fellow airmen in passing their annual fitness exams, part-time.


Mr. Freddie Flemming was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast.  After graduating high school from Houston’s Jack Yates High School, he went on to attend HBCU, Texas Southern University, and essentially enlisted into the USAF, serving more than 30 years of federal service. 

A true master of his craft, Freddie learned the art of BBQ 35 years ago, from his younger brother Eddie.  The most important being the seasonings of salt and pepper, temperature control, and time.  As stated by the Texas Pitmaster, “The keys to being a successful Pitmaster is having patience, love what you’re doing, and learn your grill/smoker.  I live by it and love it!  That’s the magic of my PITMASTER system.”


In February 2014, Corey invited Pitmaster Freddie Flemming for an afternoon business lunch at the military dining facility he was currently managing. They visualized having their own BBQ food truck business. 2 Brothers BBQ and Catering Company was officially established by “two brothers from another mother” 30 days later.  Since then, 2 Brothers have catered and cooked for many patrons and events, military as well as civically. 

After 20 years of military service, MSgt Corey Simmons retired with honorable service December 2015 and begin culinary class the next day at the International Culinary Center in Campbell, CA.  Prior to graduating the culinary immersion course in April 2016, he completed a 60 day internship for the catering department at Wente Winery in Livermore CA, the oldest family-owned winery in America.  After graduating from ICC, Corey returned to Northern California and formed a partnership with a local restaurant to smoke their meats, for their line of gourmet sandwiches. 


South Quarters Logo

In 2017, eager to grow and showcase his culinary skillset, he went to work for a leading cafe in Marysville, CA, directly supporting the executive chef by working the evening shift, performing prep and completing closing checklist.  Chef Corey missed mass food production from his military days, and essentially decided to go work for Thunder Valley Casino in the Buffet Department.  During this time, Corey Enjoyed working with a team of professional cooks that prepared soups, sauces, starches, and meats, from seasonal rotating menus. 

Two Brothers BBQ and Catering Company expanded their catering and vending services into other Northern California counties to include other potential opportunities… Most noticeably, Chef Corey’s South Quarters restaurant at McClellan Park, CA.  This new venture is his conception of East Texas BBQ and Soul Food from East Texas and Louisiana.  The core belief of South Quarters is “we feed you like family”, and we promise that once you get a taste of our food, you’ll be craving more.  



 5443 Dudley Blvd, McClellan Park CA 95652     916-473-5434

Hours of Operation:   Monday – Friday:  7 am to 3pm    Saturday: 9am to 3pm

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